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Our Founder Story.

I founded NEP a quarter of a century ago, not just as a means of making money, but also to set out to try and change a system I felt was broken. Fundraising in the law enforcement industry was an archaic beast — run rampant with lies, division, and telemarketers.

No one likes telemarketers.

I've always been fond of puzzles, and the basis of our process was borne of this: figure out this puzzle, build a better system. Common knowledge among the business world deals with the concept of disruption. From disruption comes change and improvement. You could say that I disrupted the process for fundraising in our vertical by developing a direct-mail process, and this would be true, but the real story came with the adoption of this concept:

The goodwill of the community, despite less monetary profit, in the end, is a long-term solution that will allow organizations to grow into leaders among their worldview, with a strong tribe backed behind them.

“Old habits die hard”, and the market in which I entered was much older than myself. It was a steady focus on changing the minds of many, that eventually led to the proliferation of our services.

Our clientele were accustomed to gaining a much higher net profit through telemarketing, but where they saw money, I saw their demise. I knew that no matter how much money they received from their telemarketing process, the price they paid in terms of their public perception would never be worth it. The good name of law enforcement, and good deeds they do every day, were being tarnished by unscrupulous profiteers.

The system needed a much more personal and discrete approach; one which would endear their supporters, not insult them or create a divide.

So, I began to produce a direct mail process, one which did not produce as much financial gain, but did help bridge the divide between our clients and the community members they served every day.

That kind of visibility demands a level of respect, and from that basis, our clients could start to earn what I call “goodwill capital.” It’s tangible, because it translates to more than money. The goodwill I’m speaking of, and which is produced from our process, creates a citizen to business relationship. It brings the community closer together and bonds them in both good times and bad. It is this capital that is needed and spent in times when political issues govern their very livelihoods.

When all the money in the world won’t change minds, the only thing left is the collective conscience of the people.

This is the hallmark of what NEP represents.

Our process doesn’t just raise money, it communicates directly back to those who so generously supported our clients.

It was the proprietary software, along with the honest sentiment of thanking them, that crafted the bonds for years to come, and secured financial and emotional future support . Without both, the process would cease to exist, because eventually, people will not support someone who does not acknowledge it.

At NEP, our staff are hand selected, and fully embrace the good that comes from the work they put in. Everyone contributes to this mission in some way, shape, or form.

We built a system that speaks and acts for those who for many reasons simply cannot.

We have now developed multi-faceted digital tools, which integrate seamlessly to complement one another, and carry out a process to better the lives of law enforcement, first responders, and non-profits alike. With the advent of technology, we find ourselves adapting and innovating in real time.

Daunting but exciting, I could not be prouder of the men and women in our firm who work together in our collective mission. Most importantly, I could not be prouder to represent the brave men and women who truly are America’s first line of defense; true heroes, one and all.

The future is exciting, and I feel we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. To all young dreamers who are thinking they too could disrupt and improve, I tip my hat to you all, and encourage you to take that step.

This is your life, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, and never let anyone tell you that change isn’t good, it’s the very thing that keeps us all moving ahead.

Drew Howitt
CEO for NEP Services, Inc.