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Community Engagement.

Expand Your Community Outreach.

A Labor Organization is only as strong as its relationships with the local community, businesses and political spheres it engages. NEP’s Fundraising Techniques, Websites, Social Media Strategies, Event Promotions and Communication platforms are all designed to encourage public trust and expand your community outreach at every turn.

Enhance Positive Public Relations.

Communication is the key to positive public relations. Using NEP’s suite of communication tools will create new lines of communication and strengthen your current outreach programs with your community. Our programs and products are designed to enhance your public image.

Integrated Touches.

(Print Mail, Websites, Social, Fundraising)

Better informed communities and organizations make better decisions. In the same mindset, NEP programs and products are built to work together to best inform your intended audiences. When used in conjunction with each other, you can be confident you are leaving no stones unturned to create long lasting and trust-based relationships.

Donor and Demographic Data Collection.

The key to all long term partnerships is the ability to improve upon communications and using factual data provided to improve. NEP’s proprietary software and data capturing models take donor, demographic and industry wide results to provide continuous improvement to each of our partners.

Event Promotions.

One of the most tried and true relationship builders in our LELO’s communities are local grass roots events developed by the LELOs themselves. NEP has created a suite of digital and print products to help you better organize, promote and collect participant information to ensure the success of your organization’s events.

Lakespur, CA

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The entire team at NEP has been very helpful, patient, and understanding. As a police association, we have to be certain we are creating a good and positive association with our members and the community we serve, while also balancing the political side with our Administration and Council’s expectations. NEP helped us with that goal."

Michael Mejia, President
    Central Marin Police Officers' Association