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Labor HQ App.

Mobilize Your Membership.

NEP has created a Mobile Application created specifically for Law Enforcement Labor Organizations. With the help of Law Enforcement Professionals, NEP called upon its 20+ years of experience to bring you, The HQ Labor App™. Keep your membership informed, connected and engaged with a full function and simple to use phone application.

Powerful, Member Only/Secure Phone App.

Your members want instant communication and access to information. Our Mobile App will allow you to do just that. Once your members download this app you will have the ability to share information in real time. This App will quickly become your most used communication tool. By incorporating our company wide standard of military grade encryption and protection, you can rest easy knowing that the information shared through NEP’s App will be safe. Available for Android or IOS.

Communication Options.

(Push instantly, list ways, increase member engagement)

From your phone, you can instantly “push” critical notifications to your members. If they have their phone they will have the information. You can reach one person, a specific group or the entire membership the minute you need to. Call, email, text, poll, vote, promote and change events, collect dues, etc… all with your customizable and dedicated Labor HQ mobile phone application.

App/Website Coordination.

All of the tools available on your NEP Website can be used on your phone through your App. This includes member communication, virtual office, event management, dues payment, directory, and voting.

Customizable, easy to use, great admin tools.

Native App vs a simple browser.

NEP's Labor HQ App is a “native” phone application. This means it is built to work specifically on your Apple or Android devices, and capable of using the native functions in them such as cameras and address books. Being native, enables the end user to experience the full capability of their device and effectively secure the data going to and from the application. A “web reactive” phone application simply uses a mobile viewer (browser) to shrink internet pages, so you can see them better on your smartphone.


  • Member to Member Communications
  • Exec Board Messaging
  • Custom Grouping
  • Push Notifications
  • Text Messaging
  • “Off the Cuff” Forum
  • Encrypted Security


  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Secure Member Database
  • Stand Alone Software
  • Document Sharing and Storage

From The Palm Of Your Hand

Keep Your Local Organized 24/7